Sorbitox (Dioxin Free)

It is chemically Hydrous Sodium, Calcium, Alumino Silicate(HSCAS).  A crystalline, porous, anti-caking, free flowing powder to bind toxins. The product is dioxin free, its quality is confirmed by XRD parameters, its Surface Area, Particle Size, Cation Exchange Capacity, Pore Size etc.

Applicability :
- Binds poison like microtoxin.
- Does not bind Vitamins and Minerals.
- Acts as anti-caking agent in feed.
- Helps in giving free flowing properties to the feed.
- High Binding Index.
- Improves Feed Conversion.
- Increases appetite  and weight of the animal.
- Helps in reproduction capacity.
- Helps in egg production and shell thickness.

Dosage :

2-3 KG/ton of feed depending upon the toxin content and the moisture level in the feed or as directed by nutritionist.

Packing :

It is available in 25 KG HDPE Laminated Paper Bag with inside liner or as per buyers requirement.

Loadability :

In 20 feet container upto 25 MT can be loaded without pallete.